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Sushi & Salad in the Sukkah

Sushi & Salad in the Sukkah











Sushi & Salad in the Sukkah

Celebrate Sukkot with Sushi and Salad Bar in the Sukkah! This is just one of your chances to eat a meal in the sukkah- and what meal could be better than sushi and salad?

Date: Sunday, October 8
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 PM
Place: Acton-Concord Chabad Sukkah
            148 Great Rd., Acton
Fee: $12 per person

Have some sushi and salad in the Sukkah, enjoy music and a chance to shake the lulav and esrog. Come and enjoy a sampling of a variety of sushi and make your own salad along with some pita, bread sticks, and chumus. Dessert will also be served.
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