Sharing Wisdom. Uniting People. Changing Lives.

Throughout our long and proud history, through times of prosperity,and times of poverty, the
Jewish woman has been a bastion of strength and courage, quietly guiding her family, her
community and people in the Jewish way. Her wisdom, determination and grit have always
been a key to our people’s miraculous survival.

n our times too, when the unprecedented acceptance, comfort and integration has brought
the challenges of Jewish ignorance, and apathy, it is the Jewish woman who is once again
called on to bring the light, meaning and beauty of Judaism to her home, her children and
community. Through her efforts we are beginning to see a true and growing Jewish

The Womens’ Circle is a dynamic mosaic of women from different backgrounds, affiliations
who join together to learn, share, laugh and grow.They draw on the age-old wisdom of the
Torah to enrich their personal lives, their relationships, and interactions with the world
around them.