Real letters from people like yourself

Dear Rabbi and Shternie, Thank you so much for taking such good care of our community.  Love,

Dear Friends, Thank you all so much for the delicious "mishloach Manot."  What a beautiful tradition you've taught us about!  Seems I am learning something new all the time!  Everyone here enjoyed the yummy sweets.  It was so much fun to see you dressed in your Purim finery…each one of you sparkle with a very special light.  Thank you for delivering such sunshine!  With Love,

Dear Rabbi: The enclosed is for the continuing work of the Chabad Center.  We so much appreciate the warmth, the care, and the thoughtfulness you and your whole family put into everything you offer.  Best regards,

Dear Shternie, Our heartfelt thank yous for creating a most special environment in which to celebrate this Pesach.  You set a beautiful table, you welcomed us with your caring heart, and you fed and nurtured us as we journeyed from exile to faith and freedom.  There was also so much to learn from the children's words (on the Haggada).  They truly follow your modeling of warmth, poise, and caring.  Love,

Rabbi, I'm sorry to inform you that…[my wife] received and accepted an offer for employment in Los Angeles.  She will be working on developing … treatments using gene therapies.  It's too bad that we will be leaving.  You and your family have brightened our lives with your kindness and friendship.  Let's keep in touch.  Who knows where people end up.  Warm regards,

Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Polter: My memories of my visit to Chabad in Acton, MA are still very vivid.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I thank you for your nice note to me.  I'd like you to know that I was particularly impressed with the outreach nature of your Center.  (And, of course, with your and Mrs. Polter's warmth and hospitality, which I appreciate very much.)  You certainly adhere to the Rebbe's o.b.m. wishes of making a Chabad Center a place where all Jews, including unaffiliated, can feel comfortable in exploring their Judaism - Judaism that may have been "on the back burner" for a time.  I was so impressed with your community.  You're indeed a lamplighter - and it's working.  Making a new friend (and friends) is good enough for me, but I do hope that I see you and Mrs. Polter, and your community again.  Please send them all my regards.  All the best. It was a pleasure getting to know you.  Sincerely,

Dear Rabbi and Rebbetzin: Thank you so much for helping commemorate my grandfather with the lovely kiddush.  Thank you most of all for bringing to this area a warm, vibrant Jewish community, where every Jew makes a difference and services are so meaningful.  I continually learn from your teaching and support, and you have made a profound difference in my family's life.  Love,

Dear Rabbi: Enclosed is a donation for all the great teaching you and Mrs. Polter do for everyone who comes to Chabad (Center).  We very much appreciate your patience in answering all our questions regarding Yiddishkeit.  Regards,                                  

Dear Rabbi Polter, Please accept my belated thank you for the lovely Passover Seder.  It was magnificent in every way.  If only every Jew could have been as fortunate as I.  My grateful thanks also to Mrs. Polter and your wonderful children for their considerable efforts, and, of course, for all their many kindnesses...  Thank you for these many opportunities.  I look forward to seeing you and your family again soon.  Fondly,

Dear Rabbi Polter, My husband and I want to thank you for the gift of Torah that you have brought to the Acton area.  We appreciate the fact that you take the time out to bring this mitzvah to our freinds and us.  We feel that the work that Chabad brings to the area is both needed and appreciated.  We would like to help you in this endeaver to keep Chabad functioning and expanding.  Please accept our donation to help in the cause of bringing Torah knowledge to our area.  Best regards,