We are happy to announce that we have a memorial board at the Chabad Center . You now have the opportunity to memorialize your loved ones in our shul and, at the same time, help sustain our center and its activities which is in urgent need of support.

The one-time fee for these memorial plaques is $540. The brass plaques (not bronze), which are about 7" wide and 1½" high, will have three lines of text: one line will have the English name; another line will have the Hebrew name of the deceased and Hebrew name of his/her father in Hebrew letters; and the third line will have the English and Hebrew date of passing.

If you would like to order a plaque, please contact us by calling or e-mailing us. We thank you for your support.

May these memorials provide an aliya (ascent) for the souls and may we merit to be reunited with them down here with the ultimate redemption speedily and very soon, Amen.