Letters from our Hebrew school parents

“Elianna loves Hebrew school. She eagerly gets ready on Sunday mornings to go to Morah Rivkie’s class. She sings songs and likes learning the Hebrew letters. I am grateful to Chabad for providing the warmth of home and a dedicated, talented teacher for our children.” -Parent

“My children have been attending this Hebrew School since it opened. They enjoy the close friendships there and never want to miss a class. They learn about Judaism and Jewish history through Rabbi Polter’s dynamic style of teaching. I am pleased with all the opportunities they have with Rabbi Polter to exercise good Jewish values, such as visiting a man in a nursing home, baking challah, cooperating as a group to put together a sukkah, and celebrating the completion of the writing of a new Torah. I wouldn’t even consider sending my children anywhere else!” -Parent

"We like this Hebrew school because of its warm environment, which is supportive of academic learning, while making it a fun place to learn. We like this Chabad community and the activities they offer throughout the year. The community is very warm and inviting, making us feel very welcome. Mrs. Polter is doing an excellent job. We can’t wish for a better Hebrew teacher! The kids love her (and so do the parents.) Our daughter can now read Hebrew books almost without help after only 5 months of learning! We think that this is absolutely remarkable! Our daughter goes to the Hebrew school with a lot of joy and excitement. Seeing her so happy and seeing her achievements makes us very proud of her.” -Parents

"It is our great pleasure to have our kids going to this Hebrew School. We feel that our kids have achieved significant progress in the language, and at the same time they are experiencing Jewish values which are more so important in the Diaspora. We had been to a different school last year and we enjoy the Chabad way better. Most importantly, Tomer and Daniel get back home with a feel of joy and happiness. Ko Lechai and Yashar Koach!” -Parents

"The best thing that's happened to my child's Jewish education.  I wish the program were available five days a week!" -parent

“We travel twenty minutes each way to get here and it is worth every minute.  We never thought our children could enjoy Hebrew school as much as they do.  We can’t believe how much they are learning, not to mention how much we are also learning as a result.  They have wonderful friends, excellent teachers, a warm and caring environment, and a great program.  Our kids just love it.  We’re so happy we switched them to this Hebrew school and became part of this Chabad community.” -Parents

“Thank you so much for being my Hebrew school teacher.  I can’t even tell you how fast this year went, with all of its fun activities.  Cooking the cheese blintzes, putting up the Chanukah Menorah, visiting the nursing home!  You have taught me so much too.  Thanks again for being my teacher!!!!  I can’t wait to come back next year.  Sincerely,” -Student

“Having made the difficult decision to switch temples mid year, just a year before our oldest’s Bat Mitzvah, I want to thank you and your family for making the transition so comfortable for all of us.  You individualized the curriculum to meet the needs of our 4 children.  They are so happy here.  They have made close friends and have learned more in months with you than they have in years at our old temple.  After 15 years of marriage and 5 different temples we are finally home.  I only wish that we had taken the chance sooner.  Thank you,” -Parents

“I want to take this opportunity and thank you for being a Jewish anchor in my children’s lives.  I am always delighted to hear they spend time with you.  I was also very impressed with how much my granddaughter is learning at your Hebrew school.  The worksheets she showed me are wonderful and best of all—she really likes to go… I wish you all a happy Pesach.  I hope to see you next time I come. Best regards,” -Grandparent