Who are we?

We are part of a global, international outreach organization with centers literally all over the world. Ours is the center that serves Acton and Concord and some of its contiguous towns. You do not need to be a regular congregant to participate in any or all of our programs and services. Our doors are open to the entire the Jewish community, regardless of temple affiliation, level of knowledge or religious observance.

We are a small community consisting of people from varying backgrounds. Our atmosphere is always warm, friendly, and welcoming. Our policy and philosophy is: a Jew is a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, period. We teach our holy traditions as they have been learned and practiced for centuries, ney, millennia without watering down, abridging, or adulterating anything. We feel you have the right to the same information your ancestors had for so many generations. What you do with this knowledge is your choice, but you are entitled to have it. We do not force, use guilt, look down at, or give less importance to those who observe less than others. All are given equal respect and are considered brothers and sisters. Indeed all Jews are one family. We are here to teach, facilitate, and encourage a greater connection with G‑d, with Torah, and with fellow Jews. The vast majority of people who frequent our center are from varying Jewish backgrounds, non of them being Orthodox. But we all share one common goal: to learn more about our rich heritage and to grow in our Judaism, each at a pace he or she finds comfortable.

Where are we located?

We are located at 148 Great Road (Rte 2A) in Acton, MA 01720.

Get directions

Our phone numbers are: (978) 929-2513 and (978) 758-8994. Contact persons are: Rabbi Yosef Y. Polter or Mrs. Shternie Polter

We are about 45 minutes northwest of Boston/Brookline, 45 minutes northeast of Worcester, and 45 minutes south(west) of Nashua, NH. We are also about an hour an a half from Providence RI, four and a half hours from NY city, just over three hours east of Albany, and about five and a half hours from Montreal.

Mission Statement

Our primary missions are:

  • To strengthen Jewish awareness and identity.
  • To share the beauty of our abundant heritage, enriched with the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and Chabad Chassidic philosophy.
  • To create an environment that is welcoming, comfortable, and uplifting for ALL Jews regardless of affiliation, background, or level of observance or knowledge.

Additional goals are: to help all people (regardless of religion) achieve a more fulfilling life through spiritual awareness of purpose; and to help all people lead a more happy and satisfying life.